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only 3 out of 10 class 3 children can read a class 2 level story and 1 out of 6 children in the same class cannot read an English word” and in class 8 “4 out of 100 children cannot read a class 2 English story

Uwezo Kenya,2014


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Watoto Wasome is a non-profit social enterprise that creates engaging, child-centered
literacy activities for children in Kenya.

We leverage on the power of child-centered learning, the access to children in underserved communities and the willingness of their directors and government to partner in improving children’s literacy, and the dire gap in literacy attainment of children in comparison to expectations at their grade level.

Our literacy content and way of teaching is currently used in 3 centers in Nairobi metropolitan and impacting over 150 children weekly, with the majority of these children reached through teachers and volunteers that we train, support and follow-up with to ensure learning remains child-centered and improvements are seen.

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